UNM 2023



Niklas Brandenhoff

I am a 22 year old composer born and living in Denmark. By the time of this year's UNM festival I will, hopefully, have finished and graduated my Bachelor’s degree in composition from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus.

Artistically I take a conceptual approach towards making music and composition. I work with video, bodily performance, staging, and music written by others.

Total Serialization Study

Male nude performer

My piece is titled “Total serialization study”. The idea of the piece was to reflect the serialist ideal of the 1950’s where the predetermination of the musical parameters was deemed paramount in order to remain avant garde, destroy the past and create the future.

“what we were doing was to annihilate the will of the composer in favour of a predetermining system.” - Pierre Boulez

The piece is turning this on its head by serializing cut-up photographs of my own naked skin and body. The said abstracting and “purifying” method of total serialization applied to the worldliness of my own body, skin and uncleaned floor creates a tension between form, content and context.