UNM 2023



Kerttu Suonpää

GALA (Kerttu Suonpää) is an artist and songwriter from Finland. She has been performing and composing songs for herself and other Finnish artists for over a decade. Kerttu has a background in classical music as a clarinetist and she has studied music her entire life. She is also known figure from The Voice of Finland competition. In the autumn of 2023 GALA will publish her first songs.

Kaikki naiset

vocalist/spoken word, drum set, guitar, bass guitar and keyboard

Here at UNM Oslo GALA plays a song called: Kaikki Naiset (All the women). In this song artist talks about womanhood, female body and all the titles and names we as women are being called – and how we sometimes start to embody those names, even though they diminish our self-worth and value. In the song GALA creates a list of all the 9tles she has been called and says: I’ve been all those women. I’ve been the insecure one, the sexy one, the crazy one. I’ve been bossy, mad, angry, glorious, too emotional, jealous, beautiful and the neurotic one. I have been all those women, and I am all those women. “There is something very empowering when we as women take all those 9tles and embrace them. In this song I wear them on my body and around my neck and give them a new meaning - and by doing that I’m taking the power back to myself”, says the ar9st herself. “Out of all the songs I’ve ever written, this one is my biggest achievement. I am very happy be able to perform this song in Oslo.”