UNM 2023



Krõõt-Kärt Kaev

Krõõt-Kärt Kaev studied composition at Tallinn Music High School, Georg Otsa Music School, and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Galina Grigorjeva).

She graduated from the HMTM Hannover, Germany (Prof. Ming Tsao, Gordon Williamson, Daniel Moreira, Joachim Heintz) with a B.A. in instrumental and electroacoustic composition and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the Kunstuni Graz, Austria (Prof. Franck Bedrossian).

Her interest has been in borrowing fragments of the music canon, meditating on their meaning, obscuring and revisiting them in contexts of new expressions, providing moments of discourse where memories are deconstructed, and offering different perspectives and listening experiences through hallucinations of those familiar structures.

She has been working with ensembles, such as Musikfabrik, EXAUDI, Ictus, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart.


vocalist/spoken word, drum set, guitar, bass guitar and keyboard

The concept of memory runs through the piece, the one of an individual, and the collective memory of a generation.

Maybe memory is a bit like a cassette? We record some experiences, rewind, relive, and communicate them to others who make their copies and develop their own relationship with the material.

We become aware of the recording act as the process gets externalised and exploited. Some recorded moments will never be heard again, others might get overwritten by new memories, resulting in overlapping, conflicting memories and recollection errors.

Bits and pieces of Pink Floyd-inspired flashes – glimpses of sounds, snippets of pseudo-lyrics, bursts of emotions get collected, transformed, shaped into a narrative that invokes a new context for experiencing the band’s aura.