UNM 2023



Kalle Hakosalo

Kalle Hakosalo is a Finnish musician and performer, who's presenting his very first composition at the UNM 2023 festival in Norway. Specializing in contemporary music, he collaborates with a range of artists in diverse multi-disciplinary settings, with the aim of the media becoming secondary and the people & art the priority.

Hakosalo has been featured at festivals and concert series like Dark Music Days, Spor Festival, Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Los Angeles Monday Evening Concerts and Helsinki Biennial. He's a founding member of the Copenhagen-based ensemble NEKO3. He has studied percussion in ie. Denmark, Switzerland, United States and Germany.

your wish is my command

performance: audience participation for 1 performer and ppt-presentation

"your wish is my command" is a conceptual performance work, in which the audience has the main say about its direction.

DISCLAIMER: The performance might include violent scenes.

A special thanks to Michael Höppner and Brigitta Muntendorf for the encouragement and inspiration.