UNM 2023



Astrid Solberg

Astrid is a composer and performer from Oslo. The composer balances sound and visual elements - mostly video, gestures and movements. A lot of her pieces draw inspiration from ASMR and performance art, and power relationships, feminism, internet culture and mental health are themes she likes to work with. In spring 2022 she attained her bachelor's degree in composition from the Norwegian Academy of Music after an exchange year in Stuttgart. She is a member of the artist collective Blomsterbed, who work together as versatile composer-performers in collaborative compositions and happenings.

Healing pamper, no talking, again

6 singers, video, lamps, glasses

I wanted to explore different levels of control, both between the composer and performers, and between the performers themselves. ASMR is the biggest inspiration for this piece, and I was curious to see if some of those elements could be fixed in a piece and put in a musical context. This piece needs to be adjusted and altered for each performer, because I want to use specific, and not necessarily standardised, mouth sounds, and the outcome is dependent on the performers' ability to make different sounds. Hence, the material for this piece is also provided by the performers, and is therefore not entirely composed by me. I want to thank the performers for letting me use their specialised sounds and input.