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Athnasia Kotronia

Athanasia Kotronia (2000) is a Swedish / Greek acoustic and electroacoustic composer, now based in Denmark, who works with intimate concepts, trying to get closer to herself and the listener. Her music is often text-based, working with fleeting narratives and poetry. She also writes poetry herself and takes classes in writing. She is currently studying her master's degree in composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music under Jeppe Just Christensen and Bent Sørensen, earlier she also studied under Niels Rosing Schow. Her works have been performed by ensembles such as The Danish Radio Vocal Ensemble, Yarn/Wire and the Esbjerg Ensemble.


vcl, gtr, pno, perc, video

The work Händer (Hands), is based around creation and the artists perspective of their life and art.

Song text within the work:

Som jag finner utav dig nu
att jag inte kan

Tar tag bara håller av dig nu
så jag endast kan

För att jag sänker dig med lust
och alla välbehag
Ska vi rasa mot varandra
mot oss ska allting brista

English translation:

As I find out from you now
that I cannot

Taking hold of only you now
so that I can only

Because I bring you down with lust and all the pleasures
shall we fall against each other
against us everything will break

Can only kiss

The video is made by Tilde Edlund, with acting appearances by Rosanna Grezel, Hedvig Cassel, Hilda Cassel and Julia Bengtson. Text and music Athanasia Kotronia.