UNM 2023



Agita Reķe

Electronic, electroacoustic music composer and performer. Currently Agita is mostly focusing on electroacoustic and multimedia projects, working as a composer and performer for her own works. She has notably worked also in the field of art performances, for example, creating a sonic landscape tailored for the poetry event, sound design for an art exhibition and film. As a composer she has been collaborating with different ensembles, like L’Ensemble Multilatérale (Paris), Fractales (Belgium), Names (Salzburg), Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Tallinn), Latvian Radio choir (Riga), Sinfonietta Riga (Riga). As a performer she has been member of an electroacoustic experimental project/group Systema Solaris (Riga), participant in Venice Biennale Musica College as an experimental performer, and also today a member of electronic duo flowerpower.


alt fl, bs-cl, vln, vla, vlc, pno, conductor

Do each of us dream? And what is dream? Is it an encrypted reflection of our inner world? Or a message from a dimension we all have in common but forgotten by collective unity. Do all of our souls sound like an echo of music somewhere? Does my soul sound like a flute and yours sounds like a cello, but to a boy on the next corner of the street like a clarinet? We are all going somewhere, driving forward with insurmountable centrifugal force, leaving everything that has survived behind. Our gazes hang on to a destination in the distance. All we can know about each other is what he has left behind. It often becomes visible, as striving forward, forgot to control what is already left, but turns out to be sitting on his back and showing. And try to guess whether the one in front is playing like a violin or a tub? Is what I hear is a soul, a memory or a dream? And if a dream, then mine? Am I just someone's dream?