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Isak Persson

Isak Persson was born in Helsingborg in Sweden in 2003. At 10 years old Isak picked up the guitar, and throughout the years he has played both electric guitar and classical guitar. By the end of elementary school Isak began to transition from writing electric guitar riffs to writing contemporary classical pieces.

Isak is currently taking a bachelor in composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Before RDAM he was studying music at Malmö Latinskola for three years, there his main instrument was guitar and he studied composition as a subsidiary subject.

Isak’s music has been performed by himself, Red-Note Ensemble, Vindla String Quartet, Esbjerg Ensemble and more.

Multiple dimensions in a One-Dimensional World

6 electric guitars

Multiple Dimensions in a One-Dimensional World (2021) began with my interest in tuning. I wanted to see what I could do using guitars without using microtonal frets. I realised that a guitar ensemble might be interesting, that way I could spread out the notes throughout the guitars and have more flexibility.

The title refers to the fact that there in one single tone there are infinitely more tones. Tones are frequencies, and so are rhythms. In that sense everything can be incapsulated in one tone, every rhythm, every tone, everything.

The tuning in this piece is a justly tuned Bohlen-Pierce scale, this scale lacks octaves completely. In Bohlen-Pierce the function of the octave is replaced by a just twelfth and splits it into 13 unequal parts.