UNM 2023



Hannah Elisif Grandahl

Hannah Elisif Grandahl (b.1995) is a composer who is fascinated by the obscure, the uncomfortable, the power of the voice, dark rituals and eerie sounds.

In their pieces they recreate events from their life. It can be a memory, a feeling, a sound or an atmosphere. The pieces are mostly about mental illness as it has been a huge part of their life. They are now studying their third year at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden. During the past three years they fell in love with performance art and they wish is to give intense and haunting experiences where the audience can feel with the performers on stage.



”Seraf” is a ritual that takes place during the journey towards death. It´s about returning home to the seraphim, the red angels. Through short and repetitive motifs, I want to create a swarm of anxious voices. Where every choir member has their own individual freedom, expressing their suffering or mourning through the motifs noted. The text describes how words sting like electric shocks, how psychical touch burns like hot water and how skin is shaved away until the mortal is alone and until their blood purifies and gives them deliverance. They die peacefully in the arms of the seraphim.