UNM 2023



Guoste Tamulynaite

Guoste Tamulynaite is an Oslo-based artist from Lithuania, educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music. As a performer and composer, Guoste is interested in exploring the complexity of individual things, such as a sound, a movement, or an object. Her work can be described as partly minimalist and often surreal, often without an underlying narrative, but still with very clear references that give the audience the opportunity to interpret and add their own associations. When more elements than just sound are set in motion, Guoste is concerned with treating these as equal compositional material. Guoste likes to make costumes and scenography for her own pieces and loves cats and cake.


Flute, sax, perc, cb

This is MANO RANKOS 2.0, a second version of the original piece titled “Mano rankos”. Here you can see the previous version. But the 2.0 version is better, in my opinion.

From the previous version’s program notes:

“The piece was one of my first attempts to use movement and text as musical elements. The work was written at a time when I felt uncertain an lost, and became a catalyst for this, with the hand movements illustrating the possibility of turning around and reversing one’s own ideas about things from one moment to the next.

mano rankos šaltos kaip sniegas - my hands (are) cold as snow
mano dienos trumpėja - my days are getting shorter
aukštyn žemyn - upwards downwards
viskas visada baigiasi gerai - everything always ends well viskas praeina - everything passes
aukštyn – to dalis - upwards is a part of it
žemyn – to dalis - downwards is a part of it "