Zacharias Ehnvall

Zacharias Ehnvall (b. 1991) was born in Stavby, Sweden. He started playing the piano at age 5 and some years later moved on to organ. During this period he started to improvise, which was his first step towards composing music. Zacharias studied at the Uppsala University before entering the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in composition under Karin Renqvist and serving as organist at Alunda kyrka. As a composer, he has worked with Norrbotten NEO, the Swedish Wind Ensemble, Musica Vitea and the Swedish Radio Choir. His chamber opera Sen packar jag aldrig mer had its premiere in 2017 and he also received a composers award from Musikens Hus Vänner. The natural surroundings from his childhood, the acoustics of Uppsala Cathedral and his experience with early music are the sources of inspiration in his works today.

Rimfrost (2018)

For chamber ensemble

Rimfrost (2018) is a chamber piece for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello. The music does not try to describe coldness, frost or winter in itself but rather contains tendencies that are greatly inspired by cold phenomena. Through the search of a borderline between harmonicity and inharmonicity, the experience of being in a silent and white “nowhere”. And as events takes form: the process of crystallization.