UNM — Ung Nordisk Musikk — is an annual festival presenting the youngest generation of Nordic composers. The festival alternates its host between Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Since the inaugural festival in 1946, UNM has made a steadfast commitment in promoting and presenting the new music of Northern Europe. It is a showcase for what will come, a sneak peak into the future of Nordic art music. UNM has served as a vital platform for past and current prominent composers from within the region, as the festival has often kickstarted composers’ careers both at home and abroad.

The festival has never been curated under a single artistic director: all pieces are chosen anonymously by independent juries from each participating country, which has contributed to UNM’s diversity in mediums, expressions and styles. Beyond the mission of engaging an audience in the Nordic music of the future, UNM is also a festival for the participating composers. It provides a platform for young composers to meet their counterparts across the borders through social gatherings, lectures and workshops held by esteemed composers of the host nation.