Tor Anders Eri

Tor Anders Eri (age 26) lives in Bergen, where he finished his bachelor’s degree in composition at the Grieg Academy in 2017. He writes acoustic and electronic music, and has in recent years explored different combinations of analog and digital synthesizers, samples and acoustic instruments, with a particular interest in the voice as a raw material. Inspired by composers such as Hans Abrahamsen, he tends to write somewhat ‘fragile’ and lingering pieces. Electronic composers like James Blake, Ben Frost and Tim Hecker have influenced his palette from the very beginning, with their synth-based textures and extensive sound manipulation.

A Last Word (2017)

For actor/singer, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano, synthesizers/electronics, percussion and eight speakers

A Last Word takes place in the USA during “the roaring 20’s” and explores an anxious and depressed mind during this “perfect” age. In a way, the piece comments on the Great Depression to come but it mainly circles around timeless themes such as defining the self and awareness of inevitable death and exploring eastern existentialism applied to western consumerism. The piece follows a man who is spiraling downwards in his own mind, trying to understand and to define himself and his life. His world seems to drown its fears in joy and wealth, but his eyes are fixed on the morrow. How can a man be happy when he knows that nothing lasts?

Tor Anders - bilde UNM 2018