We welcome you to the 72nd edition of UNM! This year marks a break in tradition: for the first time in decades, the festival is held in a different city than the Norwegian capital, Oslo. For years, the Norwegian festival has invited the same ensembles to the same venues and collaborating with the
same institutions. The current board felt that it was time for a change, as Norway has fantastic musicians, composers and music institutions all across the nation, and that is something we to be celebrated. We want to make UNM a festival for everyone, a festival that reflects the different approaches in creating and collaborating in music.

We chose to name this year’s festival Statements and Rituals because we believe it sums up to much of what UNM is about. It is a kind of ritual: it keeps a rather similar structure every year, always moving in full circle, from country to country. But paradoxically, UNM represents and consists of those who want to break traditions and create new paths. These contradictions are often something that one faces in creative work as well: young composers always deal with both musical and institutional traditions. In that, they challenge and learn from these traditions at the same time. It is through this process that the young composers could shape their own voices and make statements about what music should be.