The Norwegian Naval Forces Band (RNNFB) / Sjøforsvarets musikkorps (SFMK)

The Norwegian Naval Forces Band is one of Norway’s five full-time professional military bands comprising 28 musicians of the highest professional standard, who together form a dynamic and hugely versatile ensemble. 

The band performs in a variety of settings, military and civilian, and covers most genres including traditional band music, classical, jazz, pop, rock and contemporary classical.

The band has made a name for itself particularly in the field of contemporary music, with numerous first performances, festival appearances, CD-recordings, and not least, receiving the Norwegian Society of Composer’s Performer Award in 2008. The band’s former artistic leader and chief conductor, Peter Szilvay, received the same award in 2010, together with the band’s artistic leader from 2015, Ingar Bergby.

The band is the flagship of the many bands on Norway’s west coast, and is a model for thousands of band musicians of all ages. The Norwegian Naval Forces Band runs several projects for children and therefore plays a vital role in the recruitment to the Norwegian armed forces. The band is committed to entering this new era and bringing out the very best in tradition and innovation.