Sebastian Hilli (FI)

Sebastian Hilli (b. 1990) studies composition at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Lauri Kilpiö as his teacher. Before this he studied musicology at the University of Helsinki, where his teacher in composition was Harri Vuori. He has also participated in composition masterclasses with Shih and Jexper Holmen. Hilli’s main instrument is piano but he has also studied percussion as a secondary instrument.
Hilli’s works have been performed in 2012 in Esbjerg, Denmark and at the Ung Nordisk Musik-festival 2011 in Copenhagen. Important resent performances of his works have been in Helsinki at the Korvat auki 35- festival and at the Klang concert series. Such renowned ensembles as Esbjerg Ensemble and Zagros have performed his compositions.
In 2010 Hilli was awarded a grant for composition studies from the Pro Musica-foundation.

for string quartet and percussion
The starting point for the piece was the idea of writing three short monolithic movements with the focus on texture. The title Delta refers to two things:
1) The Delta letter, which is the forth letter in the Greek alphabet and its uppercase letter, which has the shape of a triangle. The three movements could be imagined as the three corners in a triangle that form the piece’s whole shape.
2) A river delta. All of the three movements have a flowing character and they can be imagined as three rivers that form a river delta.
The work was written in spring 2012 for a workshop with the Esbjerg Ensemble in Denmark.

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