Ragnhild May

Ragnhild May (b. 1988) is an artist from Denmark living in Copenhagen. Working in the field between visual arts and music, she works with installation, performance and sculpture.

Stefan Maier (b. 1990) is a Canadian artist working in composition, improvisation and sound installation.


For organ and electronics

Ragnhild May (DK) in collaboration with Stefan Maier (CA): Bellows uses Bergen Domkirke as a site for this work. Ragnhild May (DK) and Stefan Maier (CA) distribute loudspeakers and large subwoofers variably in multiple rooms, looking for nodes and resonances from disparate acoustic spaces. Here, the building is instrumentalised: it is literally performed upon — sub-frequencies travel through walls, shaking loose fixtures and door handles; high frequencies pass through multiple rooms, taking on unique resonant characteristics before reaching listeners. This spatial complexity is mirrored in terms of the invisible spaces formed in the air: compressions and rarefactions of which sound waves consist take on a sculptural quality. Incompatible tuning systems are in conflict with one another; clashing to produce irregular beating patterns and abstract airborne geometries. Equal-tempered pitches from the church organ conflict with Maier’s just-intoned modular synthesizer and the fluid tuning of May’s self-made instruments. From the smallest of spaces produced by nearly ultrasonic heterodyning sine tones to the standing waves generated in the rooms to the massive spaces implied by phasing infrasound, through the interference patterns generated by conflicting tuning systems air is variably sculpted to form unseen abstract spaces.