Øystein Moen

Øystein Moen has through the last ten years been a prolific musician, and a integrated collaborator with some of Norway’s most unique musical acts and artists, such as Jaga Jazzist, Susanne Sundfør and Stian Westerhus. Moen has also worked with a long range of other artists and band, including Jenny Hval, Highasakite, Thea Hjelmeland and Arve Tellefsen. In the last three years, Moen has also composed and arranged music for the performing arts scene, including work with choreographer Shi Pratt and Alan Lucien Øyen. Through all of these projects, Moen has developed a distinct electronic/acoustic sound with use of a healthy arsenal of classic synthesizers and modified acoustic instruments.

Moen has also previously worked with Øyvind Torvund, performing as a synthesizer soloist with Oslo Philharmonic and conductor Ilan Volkov on Torvunds piece “Sweet Pieces” commissioned for Only Connect/Tectonics 2016. Other orchestral work includes performances and recordings with Arctic Philharmonic, KORK, Britten Sinfonia a.o.