Max Wainwright (SE)

Max Wainwright, born 1987 in Uppsala, Sweden, is an experimental sound artist, and holds a BA of composition from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, where he is currently based. Having previously composed chamber and electroacoustic music, he now works mainly with live improvisation on electronic feedback systems, exploring themes such as non-linear behaviour, experimental instrument design, misuse of technology, anti-music, and DIY hardware hacking. His output is characterised by noise, drones, and the sounds of failure.

Radio 1 is my first piece exploring the use of radio technology as a medium for transmitting and changing sounds. It is based on simultaneous acoustic and wireless feedback, with three transmitter/receiver pairs forming the ensemble’s instrument(s): each performer has either a transmitter equipped microphone or a receiver with a portable loudspeaker. As the six musicians move the transmitters/receivers in the room, they influence the behaviour of the instrument(s), feeding into each other and crossing the border between polyphony and sound mass, individual and collective.
The piece was first performed by the Dirty Electronics Ensemble in Leicester, UK.