Her music is performed worldwide by performers such as Ensemble Intercontemporain, Klangforum Wien, Oslo Sinfonietta, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Fretwork, Cikada, Mivos and Bozzini string quartets, Quatuor Renoir, Engegård Quartet, Red Note Ensemble, Andreas Borregaard, Torben Snekkestad, Marianne Beate Kielland, SPUNK, Frode Haltli, POING and many more. She has been composer in residence at festivals like Other Minds in San Francisco, Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, Nordland Music Festival in Bodø, Avanti! Summer Festival in Finland, Båstad Chamber Music Festival and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Ratkje has received awards such as the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris for composers below 30 years of age, the Norwegian Edvard prize (work of the year) twice, Scottish Award for New Music for Aeolian, second prize at the Russolo Foundation, and in 2001 she was the first composer ever to receive the Norwegian Arne Nordheim prize. Her solo album Voice got a Distinction Award at Prix Ars Electronica in 2003. In 2013, she was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize for her vocal work. She was in 2017 accepted as a member of Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

Ratkje is active as a singer/voice user and electronics performer and engineer. She has been soloist with several Norwegian and international orchestras. Ratkje has performed her own music for films, dance and theatre, installations, and numerous other projects. Visual art or text material is often a part of her own work, in installations or staged works.



Maja Ratkje
10:30 FRI 31.8


Hexed, jinxed, bewitched?
17:00 FRI 31.8
Sinus Seduction (moods two) (1997) For tenor saxophone with two microphones and quadrophonic tape