Libero Mureddu (FI)

Libero Mureddu is an Italian-French composer and pianist based in Helsinki since 2003. He studied Piano and Composition at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan and he is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Music Technology at the Sibelius Academy of Helsinki.
As a jazz pianist he has been playing, among others, with the Giovanni Falzone’s Ensemble (Soul Note Records) and the Chant Trio (Auand Records).
As composer he is at the moment mostly interested in two fields: on one side the exploration of the connections between improvisation and composition, on the other side in the exploration of the possibilities offered by the Yamaha Disklavier.

Movements in possible histories
for flute, bass clarinet, piano, harp, cello, conductor and live electronics
In 2010 sound artist Martti Mela asked me to compose the music for an installation, which consisted of 24 speakers placed above visitors’ heads and controlled by a motion tracking system (by Otto Korkalo, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland). The final form of the music was generated by a software that followed the visitors’ actions in the space, and played back from the speakers nearest to the visitors, constantly following them.
The score consists of a set of music fragments, for each fragment the players have to improvise variations based on specific rules while gradually moving from one material to the next.
Each material has a real-time electronic elaborated shadow, generated with similar rules as for the instrumental parts, that further enhances the qualities of the composition’s building blocks.
During the installation the final form of the composition was computer-generated, in the performance version this role is given to a conductor. The conductor’s “score” consists of a few indications about how the piece should start, end, plus some suggestions on certain events that should happen during the performance.