Lasse Thoresen

Lasse Thoresen is Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he has taught composition, electrophony and sonology since 1975. He studied composition under Finn Mortensen, Oslo Music Conservatory, electrophony and composition at the Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands. His works have achieved high recognition in Norway and internationally, and he has received a number of important awards such as the Nordic Council Music Prize, the Work of the Year from the Society of Norwegian Composers, Norwegian Critics Award, Norwegian Grammy, the Lindeman Award, the Foundation Samii-Housseinpour Price (Belgium), and Prix Jacques DURAND (France). His music has absorbed influences from archaic Norwegian folk music and “ethno music” in general, from French spectral music and “Musique Concrete”, and from Harry Partch’s tonal system “Just Intonation”. Under the headline Aural Sonology he has developed a theory of emergent musical forms, and methods of aural analysis of electroacoustic music.