Juhani T. Vesikkala

Juhani T. Vesikkala (b. 1990, Helsinki) is a composer, baritone singer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and writer of music. Since 2018, Vesikkala is a doctorate scholar in composition at HAMU, Prague. Vesikkala completed a Master’s degree at the Sibelius Academy with T. Nevanlinna and V. Puumala. Between 2012 and 2013, Vesikkala studied with B. Furrer and P. Billone in Kunstuniversität Graz, as well as electroacoustic composition at the IEM.

Compositions spanning most acoustic genres, electronic, comprovisation, and intermedial music have been performed worldwide, since 2002 when Vesikkala studied with J. Trbojević and L. Wennäkoski. An extensive thesis on integrated piano multiphonic flageolets research from Vesikkala’s previous 2015 Florence acoustics congress paper was published in 2016.

Vesikkala’s singing career has generated several globally acclaimed premiere recordings of current music with the Helsinki Chamber Choir. Vesikkala’s creative flow draws influences from travel, queer feminism, genetics, and Engaged Buddhism.

Zweier Lasterkatalog – Catalogue of Mutual Vices (2017)

Comprovisations for prepared soprano saxophone and accordion

Improvisation can mean short-lived intentions, desires to show something of personal or social relevance. This fuses with composition into comprovisation, musicians connecting to their pre-existing manners of performing to create the final work outlined by the score, while these all-too familiar tricks can also be our vices as improvisers, preventing growth.

The German word “Laster” points at failures or lacks, and a “Lasterkatalog” formed to list unwanted actions in Christian ascetic traditions. The sounds in these five movements can coincide with unwanted sounds in the respective folk and jazz repertoires and against any decadent, commercial implications that these instruments have had.