Johan Svensson (SE)

Johan Svensson is born in Sweden 1983. He started to study composition with Hans Parment in Växjö university and continued studying at Gotland School of Music Composition with Per Mårtensson and Henrik Strindberg among others. In 2006 he moved to Gothenburg to study with Ole Lützow-Holm and Anders Hultqvist at Academy of Music and Drama. After graduation he received the Carl Larsson scholarship and residency in Grez Sur-Loing, France. He is the founder of the experimental music ensemble Mimitabu, which gather some of the top musicians in Sweden from the younger generation of musicians. His music has been performed at festivals such as Ultima in Oslo and Manca in Nice. Four times he has been chosen as a swedish composer in the UNM festival (Young Nordic Music). Johan Svensson is currently studying for a master’s degree in composition at Norwegian Academy of Music, and getting engaged in various kinds of artistic projects. Ensembles like Ricciotti ensemble (Amsterdam), Stockholm Saxophone Quartet and Audio Exhibition (Copenhagen) have commissioned music from him. He is also leading projects involving workshops and concerts with young musicians, in their early education. Since 2012 he has been part of the program group for GAS (Gothenburg Sound Art) festival in Gothenburg.

Bricks and waves, for orchestra
Patterns created by small sound objects of different shapes and sound qualities combined and connected. Layers of sound, repetition and change. Shifting densities and wavelike/circular movements.