Jesper Nielsen (SE)

I live in Stockholm, but that’s not really my home town. I was born in Tågarp, a very small village in Skåne, south Sweden. The songs I remember from that time are ”Born in the USA” (”barnen i USA”), and the other one about the sleepy bear.
But later my brother met a dangerous punker, and I bought an EP with a dead chicken on it. In the late evenings we turned down the volume on the TV, and recorded the hardest music videos on VHS. In one video a singer came up from his grave and ate a heart!
All this made me eventually start making some music on my own, for my own bands and for dream bands, both impossible and possible music. When I was a little bit older I applied for the Gotland School of Music composition. I studied there for two years, and, since 2011, I’m studying composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with teachers Pär Lindgren and Karin Rehnqvist, among others.
I have been writing music for Norrbotten NEO, KammarensembleN, saxophonist Jörgen Pettersson, the electric guitar ensemble ”KROCK” among others. I mainly do acoustic music, but I don’t really believe in limits.

”En månad av söndagar” (2012)
I wanted to do the opposite of swirling gestures and fast scales. Still there is a lot of things happening. The music sounds slow and peaceful, but still a bit uneasy, fragile and tense. The sine waves complete the saxophone, and vice versa. The title means ”a month of sundays”.