James Black

I (James Black, b.1990) was born, two weeks early, when my parents were attending a business conference in Torbay, UK. I have continued to do things at my own pace. I grew up in Bristol, moved to Oxford in 2008 for my bachelors studies, and moved to Copenhagen in 2013.

I write music to communicate with people. If I was not a composer, I think I would be a writer. For me, music is the best tool I have to speak my mind precisely because of its non-specificity. I am trying to find a balance between communicating directly without room for misunderstanding on one hand, and creating something abstract and unknowable on the other. I also think it is important to do things without knowing why you are doing them. That can come later.

Raus (2017)

Four pieces for sinfonietta with soloist

The piece is autobiographical.