Inga Magnes Weisshappel

Inga Magnes Weisshappel is a composer who would rather describe herself as an emotional artist who creates everything out of her own sensitive vision. She started playing the piano at a very young age and continued to do so through her high school years. After her graduation in biology studies, she went on to study electronic music in Oure, Denmark, which was followed by a one-year foundation programme consisting of selected art modules from the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. In 2014, she began her studies in music compositions in the Iceland University of the Arts and has graduated since last spring. Inga has a very broad vision in her music and one can always see her passion for fine and visual arts in her creations. In her mind, a performance should be experienced with all of our senses, if possible. Inga also works a lot with electronics and other media.

Seigla / Resilience (2016)

For orchestra

This piece was originally written for a small group of instruments and a so-called “bell-man”, a woman wearing a bell-suit and a white wig. Now it is a piece for the entire orchestra and, unfortunately, no costume wearing percussionist. Working on this piece the composer studied the multiple ways of playing the wind instruments and focused on making a electronic-like soundscape with the orchestra. Still, in the end, you can hear her need for overly-dramatic-emotional-music peaking out.