Heidi Hassinen

To Heidi Hassinen, music is brutally honest emotions. Her previous studies in musicology, music philosophy and perception are among her interests in which she attempts to mirror in her artistic work. The many varied possibilities of expression in electroacoustic music are especially close to her heart.

Currently, Heidi Hassinen studies composition at the Sibelius Academy, under the guidance of Lauri Kilpiö, and she will spend the next academic year at MDW, Vienna studying electroacoustic composition with Karlheinz Essl. Alejandro Montes de Oca has introduced her to acousmatic composition, and she has attended composition masterclasses with Magnus Lindberg, David Poissonnier, Giovanni Verrando, José Maria Sánchez-Verdú and Daniele Bravi.

Aside from composition, she is interested in programming and studies computer science at the University of Helsinki.

Huoli (2017)

For mezzo soprano, voice, alto flute, piano, percussions and tape

huoli, [ˈhuɔli]

1. anxiety; worry, worried about smth; fear, concern, concerned; trouble, sorrow. Worry about the future. Someone has worries. Be anxious about something or someone. Give reasons to worry. No worries.

2. care, care-taking, looking after, providing. Take care of one’s parents. Provide for your aging mother. Be in someone’s care.

As Huoli was born in collaboration with dramaturge Elli Salo, having strong roots in radio-play, the electroacoustic mini-opera mixes spoken dialogue, recorded voices and soundscape to the instrumental expression more conventional for opera. The piece was premiered by mezzo-soprano Elli Vallinoja, actor Juho Keränen and contemporary music ensemble Zagros in December 2017, and later broadcasted on the Finnish National Radio.