Hampus Norén (SE)

I’m almost 30 years old and a student at the Royal college of music in Stockholm. My three most lacking qualities in music are: melody, chords and rhythm. This is my musical output so far, put in percent: 50 % pop music, 15 % instrumental pop music, 10 % instrumental art music, 20 % electroacoustic music, 5 % live-electronic music. I make music mostly from recorded sound material. I create rooms and some sort of stories. I’m trying to make films. Films without any picture. I want to make music that is critical of norms. Music that cuts up narrow dichotom thoughts and burn holes in simplified preconceptions.  My three most dear qualities in music are: time, frequency and politics.

Väntar på revolutionen
It’s a house. A narrative. Different, separated places right next to each other. Things within and things not within. Enclosed, Shut out, Let out. A discreet panic. Within and not within. Flawed.