Gunnar Karel Másson (IS)

Gunnar Karel Másson was born in Reykjavík May 17th 1984.
He started studying music at an early age and has played a diverse range of instruments.
Gunnar started his compositional studies in the fall of 2007 at the Icelandic Academy of Arts where he finished a B.A. in composition in 2010. He did his M.Mus. in Copenhagen (2012) where he is currently working on a advanced post graduate diploma (Solist), which he is expecting to finish in 2014.
Besides his composition studies he is also pursuing a degree in philosophy, as much of his music is based around conceptual observations of our surroundings.
His teachers have been:
Tryggvi Baldvinsson, Dr. Úlfar Ingi Haraldsson, Bent Sørensen,
Hans Abrahamsen, Juliana Hodkinson, Jeppe Just Christensen and Niels Rosing-Schow.
Performed/workshops by/with
Kammersveitin Ísafold (IS), Boulanger Trio (DE), Duo Harpverk (IS), XelmYa (DE), Ensemble Adapter (DE/IS), Kronos Quartet (US), Aalborg Symfoniorkester (DK),Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands (IS), Arditti Quartet (UK), Caput (IS), Trio Reykjavík (IS), Ensemble Insomnio (NL), Kairos Quartet (DK), Esbjerg Ensemble (DK), Ungfónían (IS), TM+ (FR)
Pan & Syrinx
Now while the lustful God, with speedy pace,
Just thought to strain her in a strict embrace,
He fill’d his arms with reeds, new rising on the place.
And while he sighs, his ill success to find,
The tender canes were shaken by the wind;
And breath’d a mournful air, unheard before; That much surprizing Pan, yet pleas’d him more.
Admiring this new musick, Thou, he said, Who canst not be the partner of my bed, At least shall be the confort of my mind: And often, often to my lips be joyn’d.
He form’d the reeds, proportion’d as they are,
Unequal in their length, and wax’d with care, They still retain the name of his ungrateful fair.
Publius Ovidius Naso, Metamorphoses

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