Esaias Järnegard (SE)

Esaias Järnegard (b. 1983, Stockholm) has studied composition at KMI (Stockholm), Gotland school of composition and holds a M.Mus from the Academy of Music and Drama (Göteborg). Close collaborations with musicians and ensembles such as Richard Craig, Pontus Langendorf, Hugo Ticciati, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Vertixe Sonora, Umeduo, Academy and Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble as well as private studies with Pierluigi Billone have − and continue to constitute the most defining experiences to date.

Psalm (2011)
for contrabass flute and voice
This work concerns itself with encounters: the poetry of Paul Celan and the Swedish poet Lars Norén; respiration and its various states; the voice and resonance as well as my wish to have a poetry of sorts in both the raw material used and the instrumental writing. Above all, to try to make oneself heard, reclaim a voice and have it heard, although only to result in a failure. With each attempt, we hear the echo of Beckett ”fail better” – a constant repetition and striving. Try, try. Using the repressed as a tool to give form to each attempt.