Aino Tenkanen

I’m a 26 years old woman whose path as a human being and a composition student has led me through towns which are all by the sea: Porvoo, Vehmaa, Turku, Helsinki and lately Den Haag, where I took an exchange year from Sibelius Academy. My favourite phases in the composition process are the beginning when scratching down the very first ideas and attending the rehearsals with musicians where those ideas turn into sounds.

Follow me! (2015)

For guitar, violin, viola and cello

I see this piece as a tiny guitar concerto. Guitar has the leading role and strings are commenting and conversing with it as a one unit. The overall effect of the piece is a flow made of chains of different materials following one another. Before composing, I prepared myself by listening music written for guitar from the 16th century to the present days. As well, I tried to learn the basics of guitar technique. In the process, I fell in love with this versatile instrument which is best in both intimate and more frisky surroundings.