Bára Gísladóttir

Bára Gísladóttir is an Icelandic composer and double bassist based in Copenhagen. Her music has been performed by ensembles and orchestras like the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Duo Harpverk, Elektra Ensemble, Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble InterContemporain, Esbjerg Ensemble, Frankfurt Radio Symphony, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, loadbang, Marco Fusi, Mimitabu, NJYD, Riot Ensemble, Siggi String Quartet and TAK Ensemble. Bára’s pieces have been selected for festivals such as Dark Music Days, Darmstädter Ferienkurse, International Rostrum of Composers, KLANG Festival, Nordic Music Days and Ung Nordisk Musik. In 2018, Bára received the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize and was the composer-in-residence at Skálholt Summer Concerts.

Bára has released three albums; Different Rooftops, in 2015, containing pieces for voice, tenor saxophone, double bass and electronics, B R I M S L Ó Ð, in 2016, a piece in three movements for double bass and electronics, and Mass for some in 2017, for double bass, voice and electronics.

otoconia (2017)

For string quartet and electronics

otoconia was commissioned by Siggi String Quartet, and was selected for the International Rostrum of Composers, as a representative for Iceland.The piece deals with a distortion of balance caused by the following condition: “small crystals of calcium carbonate in the saccule and utricle of the ear that under the influence of acceleration in a straight line cause stimulation of the hair cells by their movement relative to the gelatinous supporting substrate containing the embedded cilia of the hair cells (otoconia, medical definition).”