The compositions of Alex Mørch are typically a mixture of home-brewed machinery in spatial installations involving human interaction. They are an exploration of the music and life that hides in the machinery, especially when it is pushed to the limits and connected in inexpedient ways. The compositions reflect a fascination for chaos and randomness contra synchronicity –that everything is connected (or the absolute opposite). Alex Mørch is currently studying in the soloist programme for electronic composition at the DIEM (Danish Institute of Electronic Music) at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, from where he also holds a master’s degree.

For opera singer and robot installation
Fragile, noisy robotic creatures connect with an opera singer in this poetic installation concert.
The machinery comes alive when the witch is singing her code language and, in return, they
seduce and manipulate. Their internal circuitry is amplified through multiple speakers floating
overhead while lasers and pixels attract like lanternfish. Beta_Hex is an ongoing, ever-evolving
experiment which reaches its sixth iteration at UNM.