UNG NORDISK MUSIK 2021: Aarhus, Denmark – Call for works


Ung Nordisk Musikk is a festival for early career composers, sound artists and performance artists based in the Nordic countries. In 2021, the festival will take place  in Aarhus, Denmark between the 16th and the 22nd of August.


Call for Workshop Leaders

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Utlysning av workshopledere – UNM Danmark 2021


Call for Works

A jury consisting of three established Norwegian composers and/or performers will select seven works by seven composers to represent Norway. The selected participants are provided with travel to and from Tampere, and accommodation for the duration of the festival. Concerts aside, the festival program includes workshops, lectures and masterclasses. An important part of the festival experience is the opportunity to establish connections and to network with other Nordic colleagues.

There are no stylistic limitations to what a composer may submit. Experimental / Instrumental / Electronic / Installation / Multimedia / Performance-based works are all welcome and taken into consideration.


The panel’s member will be revealed together with the selected works in September 2020.

Each applicant may submit upwards to 2 compositions. In addition to the scores and recordings, the applicant must send a separate PDF-file which states the following personal information: pseudonym, full name, date of birth, gender identity, residency status within the Nordic region, affiliated institutions (if any) and year of study, title(s) of the work(s), year(s) of composition(s), instrumentation(s) of the work(s) and duration(s).

All application documents and attachments must be sent by 15th June 2020 at 23:59. Late entries and entries failing to meet the requirements listed below will not be considered by the jury. The scores and recordings are sent anonymously with a pseudonym. The real name of the applicant must not be visible anywhere apart from the PDF-file with personal information. Please make sure you substitute your name with your pseudonym on all application materials. If the materials are submitted via file hosting websites (e.g. Dropbox), please make sure the files will remain available until the results are announced.

For the purpose of encouraging a more diverse representation of sound artists and composers in the Nordic region, UNM Norway implements a gender quota which reflects the ratio in male versus non-male composers of the received applications.


Seven composers/sound artists will be chosen to represent Norway at the festival. All applicants born on June 15th 1990 or later are eligible. You may also apply if you are a full-time student on June 15th 2019 and do not have a previous master’s degree in music or the arts. The applicants must either hold Norwegian citizenship or currently reside in Norway. Citizens or residents of other Nordic countries should turn to their respective calls in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, or Sweden.

Applicants may apply to represent only one Nordic country, even if they meet the application criteria in several countries. Applicants must therefore choose in which country they apply. If an applicant applies in several countries, the applications will be disqualified.

The applicant may participate in the UNM festival five times maximum.


You can apply with sound art works, performances and installations, or with a work for any instrumental combination such as chamber ensemble, sinfonietta, string orchestra, choir or solo. You can also apply with a tape piece, or with a piece that involves live-electronics, or with a work that any other kind of concept not mentioned here.


The theme of the 2021 festival, (un)common ground, suggests both the mutually understood and the rarefied. It encompasses the geographic notion of the nordic region as a shared space amongst the festival’s participants without treating them as a monolithic group, but may also point towards ways of using the public/private local venues in which the festival’s events occur. The common ground is communicative while the uncommon ground is alienating. The common ground implies a sense of equality amongst individuals while the uncommon ground acknowledges the asymmetry of power. In choosing this theme we hope to push composers/sound artists/performers into submitting work that could be easily comprehensible and/or recognisably unusual. The large number of possible interpretations should give artists the freedom to exploit the theme’s vagueness and solicit a diverse array of responses that will help us understand what exactly is our (un)common ground.



The Norwegian call-for-works is entirely electronic.

You may apply with two works at most (although only one work per applicant can be selected to the festival). The same pseudonym should be used when submitting several works. If a work chosen to the festival has to be withdrawn due to practical reasons, another piece by the applicant may be performed instead, if it is included in the jury’s selection. If this is not possible, the first runner up will be chosen.

Send all attachments (score, recordings, video, PDF-file of personal information) to unm(at)unm.no . Small files, such as pdf-scores, can be sent directly by email. Send larger files through an online storage provider such as Dropbox. We kindly ask applicants to keep the files until the selections are announced. No attachment may read the real name of the applicant in any form. All attachments are to be named so that both the applicant’s pseudonym and the (real) name of the submitted work are clearly visible.

Please erase all metadata from the sound/video files. Information in how to do this can be found here: Mac / Pc

Recommended formats

Notated work – Send scores as PDF-files. You can also include a recording of the work. If the work includes pre-recorded sound-files, these should be included in the application (see also ’fixed media’).

’Fixed media’ work – Send a stereo sound file (mp3, aiff, wav). If the work is multi-channel, or other non-standard setup, include a technical rider to the attachments. In this case binaural recording is recommended but not compulsory.

Other – Send a written description of the work, including a tech rider, and attachments (e.g. sound, image, video, text), that will help the jury assess the work.

Please be in touch with the UNM Norway board members (Tze Yeung: tyh@unm.no or Ragnhild: ragnhild@unm.no) with any questions regarding the application, the online form or the attachments. The board members do not participate in the selection and will gladly help you through the application process. Please leave ample time before the deadline for raising any questions for the application.

The applicant commits to sending all materials electronically to the festival organisers if they are selected. The version of the submitted work selected by the jury will be performed at the festival.

The Norwegian UNM board members Tze Yeung and Ragnhild will gladly answer to any queries you may have regarding the application and the festival.

Good luck!

Tze Yeung Ho, Ragnhild Tronsmo Haugland, Victoria Seline Stokland

Team of UNM Norway